Gelatin Gummies 

Gelatin is found in the bones of animals and contains nutrients that are great for hair, skin, nail growth and joints. Gelatin also supports gut health and aids in digestion. Research shows that gelatin can also improve sleep quality and bone health.  

Sourcing healthy, clean gelatin is very important. We use the following gelatins in our home: : Great Lakes Wellness Culinary Beef Gelatin Powder – Unflavored – Grass-Fed, Kosher, KETO, Paleo Friendly, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO – 16 oz Canister : Gelatin Dessert Mixes : Grocery & Gourmet Food : Perfect Supplements – Perfect Bovine Gelatin – 660 Grams – 100% Beef Gelatin Collagen Protein – Supports Healthy Skin & Joint Health : Grocery & Gourmet Food 

Making gelatin gummies is an easy way to get this nutrient-dense food into your diet.  

Gelatin Gummies 


1 cup liquid (we use grape juice, lemonade, apple cider, etc.) 

1 TBSP gelatin powder 


Pour juice into a small cooking pan. Sprinkle gelatin over top of juice and allow to “bloom” for a few minutes. This gives the gelatin time to activate in the liquid. 

Cook over medium heat, while stirring, for a few minutes, allowing the gelatin to dissolve into the juice. Do not let the liquid boil. This is a very gentle warming. 

Carefully pour mixture into a glass dish or silicon mold. We use these: La chat 4 Packs Silicone Molds for Chocolate, Food Grade no-stick Baking, candy and butter Mold with different shape : Home & Kitchen 

Refrigerate for a couple hours or until mixture solidifies. If using a glass dish, cut into squares. If using molds, pop out and store in a glass container with lid. 

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