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Quick Reference: Type 2 Diabetes 

Quick Reference: Type 2 Diabetes 

  • A dietary disease which is caused by too much insulin, which is released when we eat too much sugar. 
  • Diabetes doesn’t just affect one organ; it affects every organ in multiple ways.  Diabetes causes our body to rot from the inside out. 
  • Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, amputations, dementia, infertility, and nerve damage. 

How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes: 

  1. Strength Training 
  • 80% of insulin receptors are in our muscles. 
  • 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week of strength training can help to decrease blood glucose. 

  1. Eat Real Food 
  • God made food; food that does not need a label. 

  1. Eat Natural Fats 
  • Tallow, butter, ghee 
  • Coconut, avocado, olive oil 
  • Natural saturated fats in beef, pork, bacon, cream, eggs, fatty fish 

  1. Avoid Fructose 
  • Table sugar 
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup 
  • Sugar Drinks (sodas, sweet tea, sports drinks, alcoholic drinks, enhanced water) 
  • Candy/Sweets 
  • Whole Fruit (excessively) 
  • Dried Fruit 

  1. Decrease Refined Carbohydrates  
  • Processed grains (breads, muffins, waffles, cupcakes, donuts pastas, tortillas, etc.) 
  • Limit corn products (popcorn, corn chips, corn tortillas) 
  • Limit refined potato products (French fries, potato chips, white potatoes) 

  1. Intermittent Fasting 
  • 30-36 hour fasts (consult with your doctor) 

(Optimal waist circumference is less than half your height.  Example: 5’10” is 70 inches, ideal waist circumference is ≤35 inches.) 

Reference: The Diabetes Code by Jason Fung 

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