Resources for Nutrient Dense Food 

Non-GMO Food Producers Near You 

Eat Well Guide (US and Canada): 

Regenerative Farm Map: 

Farm Match (United States): 

Weston A Price: 

Demeter USA: 

Local Harvest: 

The Cornucopia Institute: 

American Grassfed Association: 

Food Resources: 

11 Wise Tradition Dietary Principles: 

Organ Meat Recipes: 

Dirty Dozen/Clean 15: 

Keto Recipes: Home – All Day I Dream About Food 

Paleo Recipes:  Home | Elana’s Pantry ( 

Anti-inflammatory & Allergen Free Recipes: Delicious Anti-inflammatory & Allergen-Free Recipes | The Castaway Kitchen 

Clean dressings, oils:  

– Chosen Foods:  Chosen Foods | Cooking Oil, Sprays, & Mayo Made with Avocado 

– Primal Kitchen: Primal Kitchen: Shop Dressings, Sauces, Supplements & More 

Kefir, Kombucha, Yogurt, Sourdough starters:  Cultures For Health 

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