Shopping GuideĀ 


Good: organic commercially raised poultry, pork or beef 

Better: non-local pasture-raised poultry, pork or beef 

Best: home or locally raised poultry, pork, beef or bison; wild game (elk, deer, game, birds, etc.) 


Good: butter, coconut oil 

Better: organic, grass-fed butter, unrefined coconut oil, organic olive oil 

Best:  home-raised and homemade butter, lard, and/or tallow; locally sourced butter, lard and tallow, high quality olive oil from a reputable dealer. 


Good:  organic white and brown sugar 

Better:  organic unrefined sweeteners such as monk fruit, coconut sugar, sucanat, rapadura, whole cane sugar. 

Best:  organic, homemade, or locally sourced honey and maple syrup 


Good: low-temp vat pasteurized whole milk and dairy products from organic sources 

Better: low-temp vat pasteurized dairy products from local farms 

Best: home-grown or locally sourced raw milk and cheese products from grass-fed animals 


Good: organic eggs from the store 

Better: pastured or free-range eggs from local farms or farmers market 

Best:  homegrown or locally raised eggs from free-range chickens fed an organic diet 


Good: organic, unbleached, all-purpose flour 

Better: organic grains or homemade whole grain breads made with active dry yeast 

Best: fresh milled ancient grains (Einkorn, Spelt, Kamut) with wild yeast used as leavening 

Fruits and Vegetables

Good: organic fruits and vegetables from the store 

Better: local or semi-local non-organic certified produce from small farmers who can not afford organic certification 

Best: homegrown or locally sourced grown without exposure to pesticide and herbicides 

(Reference:  Weston A Price

Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen for 2023šŸ™  (this list is helpful when on a tight budget and not always able to purchase organic) 

Dirty Dozen (always purchase these as organic due to high pesticides) 

  1. Strawberries 5. Apples 9.  Pears 
  1. Spinach 6. Grapes 10.  Blueberries 
  1. Bell & Hot Peppers 7. Peaches 11.  Green Beans 
  1. Nectarines 8. Cherries 12.  Kale, Collard, Mustard Greens 

Clean Fifteen (do not always have to buy organic; have low to no pesticides) 

  1. Avocadoes 6.  Sweet Corn* 11. Pineapple 
  1. Cabbage 7.  Onions 12.  Sweet Peas 
  1. Papaya* 8.  Asparagus 13.  Mangoes 
  1. Carrots 9.  Honeydew 14.  Kiwi 
  1. Watermelon 10.  Sweet Potatoes 15.  Mushrooms 

*Sweet corn and papaya produced in US may be GMO, buy organic to avoid GMO. 

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